Aeromat Yoga Mat Review

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We all get stressed when it comes to work. Day in and day out, we get up and truck off to our jobs so we can pay the bills, take care of ourselves or our family (if we have children), and maybe have a bit of spending money on the side to indulge ourselves every once in a while.

Aeromat Yoga Mat

Aeromat Elite Workout Mat with Eyelets
  • Aeromat is a leader in health and wellness products
  • Durable construction, long-lasting materials

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We like

  • The Aeromat Yoga Mat is a versatile, durable foam mat.
  • The Aeromat mat is far thicker than most competing yoga mats.
  • Ideal for more relaxed types of yoga, especially restorative poses.

We didn't like

  • It can slide around the floor a bit.
  • It is not a “true” yoga mat. 
  • You sacrifice stability for comfort so not recommended for poses that require lots of stability


If you are looking for a mat for your restorative or yin yoga practice then you have found your perfect match.

It is thick and comfortable and perfect if you want to really relax and calm down after a stressful day.

If you are looking for a yoga mat for more active types of yoga then we would not recommend this mat. Try yoga mats from Jade or Manduka instead.

Our 9-5 lives can be tedious it’s true. But some of us are lucky to work in places and businesses that we love. And some don’t. For years, I worked in a job that I hated more than anything.

Long story short I had a strong need to destress and calm down in the evening. A friend recommended yoga and meditation and a few days later, there I was, sweating in my very first yoga class.

Since I think it is very important to build a positive habit when you want to keep doing something I went shopping for all the things I needed to get started. And all you really need is a yoga mat.

Before We Get to It: What You Need to Consider

According to the American Osteopathic Association, yoga was developed in India thousands of years ago and has become an incredibly popular practice here in the United States.

“Yoga is a healing system of theory and practice. The purpose of yoga is to create strength, awareness and harmony in both the mind and body,”

explains Natalie Nevins, DO, a board-certified osteopathic family physician and certified Kundalini Yoga instructor in Hollywood, California.

The physical, medicinal, and spiritual benefits are endless if you come to your practice with open mindset.

This being said, yoga is definitely not for everyone. My sister-in-law swears against it, claiming her body, “Just can’t move like that!” And that’s okay!

It’s best before deciding whether or not you want to pursue an interest in yoga practice, that you speak to a medical professional or your doctor.

Once cleared by your doctor for this type of exercise, you might want to consider the following:

  • Trying a yoga class - There are a million different types or schools of yoga. You may hate one and love another. You need take this time actively to try out different classes.
  • Speak to a yoga instructor - They are the experts.
  • Try an at-home beginners videos or join an online yoga class.

If you find out from your active research that you could get the hang of this, the search for the perfect yoga mat is a must!

Through this Aerobat Yoga Mat Review, I hope I can help you with this search!

Our Aeromat Yoga Mat Review - Let’s take a closer look

The Aeromat Yoga Mat  is a versatile, durable foam mat that, while great for any floor-based exercise, is meant for you to get your Namaste on! This exercise mat is far thicker than most competing yoga mats.

No more sore ankles while you sit in lotus position, as the mat is ideal for all types of yoga, especially restorative poses.

So when you’re in Corpse Pose, every muscle in your body will feel relaxed and comforted by this product’s elite construction.

Do you practice often? No worries since, “the mat's high-quality construction ensures that it will last far longer than most standard foam mats.”

Have trouble maintaining your grip in Downward-Dog pose? Are you constantly slipping and sliding?

Another notable feature of the Aeromat is it grips the floor securely and has a moisture-resistant skin like surface that will prevent you from face planting during-

Here are some things to consider, if you feel this mat is the one for you:

  • Versatile; can be used for various exercising needs (not just yoga)
  • Extremely comfortable!
  • Comes with different variations (portable carrying mat, wall mount mat, etc.)
  • It is not a “true” yoga mat. If you are looking for a mat to be solely used for yoga, you should consider other options.
  • Not meant for taller people (be sure to check the size in comparison to your own height).
  • The “moisture-resistant skin” has been said to give off a “chemically” smell. If you are extremely sensitive to smells, you might want to consider an alternative option.

There are many benefits that the Aeromat yoga mat  could potentially provide you.

The versatility is its strong point. For those of us that get bored with workouts quickly, being able to have a variable amount of options throughout the week, and knowing that we have a staple workout mat in which to complete the exercises, is extremely comforting.

You know what else is comforting? When the mat we are using compliments our body as we work out, not works against it.

I can’t tell you how many times I have used mats at my local gym or fitness class and they have made the experience intolerable.

Having a comfy mat takes care of one aspect of our fitness that we do not expect nor consider. We are conditioned to think that fitness is a semi-painful experience where our comfort is not an option.

Also, for those of you that are concerned about where to put the mat when your exercise for the day has concluded, the Aeromat mat comes in various settings.

You could purchase a mat with a wall mount option, so, when you have concluded your practice, you just select a section of wall space and hang it up. Not for you? No worries!

The foam material that the mat is made of is malleable and rolls up into a compact form, where you can easily stow the mat in a closet or under your bed until you are ready to use it again.

With these great benefits, you might seriously want to consider making this item another addition to your ambitions for wellness.

What customers have to say?

One of the biggest things I look for before buying any product is the customer reviews section. And I don’t mean finding the 5-star item and reading the one review for it; I mean finding the 4-5 star items and scrolling through all 2,000 reviews.

It is important to become thoroughly informed about an item before purchasing it. Your satisfaction is supposed to be the priority here.

Therefore, here I summarized some customer reviews about the Aeromat Yoga Mat to assist you with informing your decision.

  • Great mat, great textured surface with lots of grip
  • Comes with a strap so it’s easy to carry.
  • Good cushioning especially for elderly yogis.

It might be a bit short for tall yogis though.

Not For You? Consider Some of These Alternatives

Here are some other top-notch yoga/exercise mats that could assist your needs better:

Yoga Mat from Youphoria Yoga

Youphoria Yoga 1/4-Inch Eco Friendly Memory Foam Yoga Mat with Strap, Black
  • HOW WE ARE DIFFERENT - Our yoga mats are made of ¼" thick, high-density, memory foam that offers cloud-like comfort for your practice, but without compromising stability or balance. This unique cushioning experience can bring relief to pressure points like the knees, elbows, hands, and even the head, in various yoga postures. Practice COMFORTABLY, and all is coming.
  • GET A GRIP - The non-skid bottom of each mat keeps it from sliding across the floor while the dimpled, tacky, texture of the top keeps your hands and feet in place. Nama-STAY on your mat

Last update on 2019-04-12 at 04:45  - More InfoProduct prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product." / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

While this yoga mat is known for its eco-friendly material too, it is said to be one of the only mats that do not slip at all. It is strictly meant for yoga practice, so if you want additional exercises uses out of it, it is not advised.

I hope this has helped you at least become more prepared for making your extremely important decision.

Overall, the biggest hurdle that you could be considering is if this will be the answer to my future health and wellness. By deciding to pursue yoga, I have really changed my entire outlook on life (and work!).

If you are interested in reviewing or purchasing this item please click here .

Happy shopping! Namaste!

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