What Does Mantra Mean: A Beginners Guide

For many of us, the first time we chant OM in a yoga class can feel unnatural and perhaps a little silly. However, once you break through that initial uneasiness and begin to join in there’s no denying that chanting mantras has a very unique effect on our experience. Mantras aren’t just reserved for those … Read more >>


Yoga Burn (Her Yoga Secrets) Review – Will Zoe Ray Cottons Yoga Burn System Really Help You Lose Weight?

Yoga Burn We likeStep-by-step progressionSimpleBonus videos with tips & tricksGood video & sound quality We didn’t like Lack of varietyNo relaxationHard to follow alongAccessibility Summary: Yoga Burn is a 3-month long fitness program which is targeted towards women who are looking to lose weight, reshape their bodies and increase their confidence. The program is divided into … Read more >>

how often to practice yoga

How Often Should I Practice Yoga?

As a yoga teacher, it’s very common to hear this question. Both new and experienced yogis are eager to know how much yoga they should be doing; but in reality there is no single correct response: As with everything in yoga our practice, the answer depends on the individual. There are actually 5 questions you … Read more >>