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best plants for your yoga studio

Plants in a yoga studio not only make it greener, they can help enrich the vibe and atmosphere – the aura, if you will. A few of them also have proven physiological benefits (like cleaning the air), which can literally make you healthier as you practice yoga.

What to Consider When Choosing Plants for Your Studio

Before taking a swing, there are some things that you should weigh to when picking the best plants for your studio. Here is some free advice on the things you should consider before putting up plants in your yoga studio:

1 . Size of your studio

The first thing you should consider before getting plants into your studio is the space you have. You could check the height of the studio; from the floor to the ceiling, the height of the plants you will put in the studio depends the size of the studio. For most studios, the average plant’s size should be at an average one.

2 . The lighting and humidity

Plants require light to thrive and setting them in a studio that’s dimly lit or located in a building that’s block away from the natural light will not be a suitable place for the plants in the studio.

Humidity is critical for many normal indoor plants, like greeneries and air plants, but at the same time is advantageous for the wellbeing of other tropical plants. Despite numerous tropical plants withstanding some dryness, they’d rather not be subjected to dry air.

3. Environment

If your studio is in a not so friendly environment like where smoke and dust are prone then you might want to leave the plants out of the plan. Plants also require water so before getting an indoor plant for your studio make sure that you have enough water to sustain the number of plants you are willing to put in your studio.

If you intend to get real plants, then the soil should be a factor that is weighed before getting the plants. Ensuring that you have the right type of soil or going an extra mile and getting fertilizer for the plants is important.

What Are the Best Plants for a Yoga Studio?

1. Shrimp plant

The plant gets its name from its unusually shaped and colored blooms. The plant is great for yoga studios for two major reasons, it can bloom in low humid conditions and temperatures and has flowers that are quite eye catching.

The plants are easy to maintain since it can be kept in a hanging basket and still produce flowers all year round.

2. Flowering maple

Plants of thus genus include the trees and shrubs and are mostly found in the tropic and sub tropic regions. They have a height range of about 0.5 to 3 meters which makes it ideal for most studio height.

The wild variety of the plant has orange or yellow flowers but it can sometimes be red or pinkish. These are great colors for yoga studios.

3. Clivia

The plant is exotic looking and has orange flowers with a somewhat nice odor. The flowers mostly bloom when exposed to cool dry conditions. When put in a yoga studio the plant would thrive since it requires little attention and light.

To keep the plant looking nice in your yoga studio constantly remove the yellow leaves at the bottom of the plant. The plant is very similar to the class Amaryllidoideae; three sepals, three petals and a fused base to form a tube, therefore the two should not be confused.

4. Peperomia

The plant unlike the ones mentioned above is not a flowering plant and has spiky edges which makes it a succulent plant. The plant is one if the two large genera of the Piperacea family that has more than 1000 species known to man. They all vary in appearance and the Peperomia makes the best indoor plant for yoga studios.

The plant is quite easy to maintain and can go for days without being watered due to its succulent nature. This gives your studio a green touch and at the same time allows you to concentrate on your work without constant distractions about watering your plant.

5. Aloe Vera plant

The plant is known to have medicinal value and keeping it in a yoga studio is not only good for making the yoga studio greener, it also makes the studio healthier.

With its wide range of medicinal value, in case of an accident in the yoga studio, aloe vera plant can be used to relieve pain such as headaches or applying it on wounds. The plant is easy to take care of and needs to be watered only once a week.

6. Zebra plant

Even when the Zebra plant’s blooming season is out of season the colorful pattern on the leaves of the plant are strikingly beautiful. The plant when used as an indoor plant in a yoga studio can attract students into your studio. Zebra plants do not require close attention but avoiding the extremities is important.

The plant should not be over watered or be left dry for long periods of time. The plant does not have a long life span which makes it ideal for a studio since you can propagate it indefinitely.

7. Asparagus fern

Asparagus plant is one of the easiest indoor plants to take care of and can be used as a yoga studio plant for two major reasons, it does not require much water and can be placed on a hanging frame in the studio and thrive.

Though the plant is easy to take care of, that does not mean it should be neglected, the plant should not be over saturated with water. Direct sunlight works best for the Asparagus fern.

All in all, when looking for a plant to set up in your yoga studio, try as much as you can to avoid the climbing plants. If you are willing to go for the climbing plants make sure that you monitor the plant closely to avoid it from covering the entire studio with plants.

Overdoing it will turn the yoga studio into a garden. You could also get some advice from florist before getting a plant that you think should be put in a yoga studio.

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