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Grokker is the new kid on the block. Want to know if we like it? Then keep on reading (Spoiler - yes we do. A lot!)

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We like

  • Affordable at $14.99/month, giving you endless content for the price.
  • Healthy living starts with what you eat, and Grokker gives you plenty of information in terms of eating better without feeling deprived.
  • Interactive! Socialize with like-minded people all over the world with Grokker's unique social media aspect.

We didn't like

  • If you only do yoga to stay fit, you won't use a significant portion of the website (the fitness section), meaning you might be better off with another subscription like YogaGlo.


I have virtually no complaints about Grokker. It's likely your idea of healthy living is going to change over time, and Grokker has enough content that no matter how your tastes shift, it will remain an excellent fit for you.

14 Day FREE Trial - After $14,95 / Month

There's no shortage of online yoga classes, but in my opinion, there's a shortage of online subscription sites that produce high-quality yoga classes with a variety of related content.

Yoga is considerably more than just getting on your mat and mastering the asana portion, and I think we could all use a reminder sometimes that there are other ways to complement our practice without diminishing its importance to us.

In terms of subscription sites, Grokker is fairly new on the online yoga scene. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it up and really started digging through the site.

There are over a thousand yoga classes, and that's just the beginning.​

Things to Consider Before Subscribing to Grokker​

Of all of the sites I've reviewed, this one is by far the most comprehensive in terms of encompassing the idea of a healthy, active lifestyle.

From yoga classes to healthy recipes to HIIT workouts, you get the full spectrum of yoga- and fitness-related content without having to shuffle among various websites.

While it's got endless content, it's also very reminiscent of social media, allowing you the option to follow other yogis, specific topics (vinyasa or vegetarian cooking, for example), and interact with other people.

If you aren't making friends, you're being alerted to new classes, recipes, or articles related to your interests and passions.​

I can't see Grokker not being a good fit for anyone unless you want a site that's 100 percent dedicated to yoga. There's so much packed into this site that there is geniunely something for every yogi.​

About Grokker​

When yoga is more than the physical practice, sometimes you just need a resource that helps encompass all aspects of healthy living.

Grokker was started by Lorna Borenstein, a devoted yogini and entrepenuer. She knew that busy people need yoga classes at their fingertips because a trip to the studio isn't always possible.

This holds true for everyone regardless of their place in their yoga journey. Whether you're an advanced student or you've never set foot on a mat before, Grokker is easily tailored to your individual needs.​

Types of Classes​

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Cardio
  • HIIT
  • Strength Training
  • Weight Training
  • And more...

Information Resources

  • Healthy cooking (videos, recipes, Q&A)
  • forums for fitness, cooking, and yoga chatter
  • healthy living blogs

Exploring Grokker

I think I've said it about five times now: there is so much on this site. I don't say these kinds of things lightly, but I was genuinely excited to sit down and go through everything.

It took me a while to get through it all, but I've got a huge list of classes and recipes I want to try now.​

Connecting with Others

grokker connect friends feature

Think of Grokker's socially inclined setup as Facebook and Instagram for yogis and fitness addicts.​

  • Upload profile and cover photos to personalize your page.
  • Choose "topics" to follow closely (mine are things like healthy eating, easy meals, vinyasa, toning and scultping, and HIIT)
  • Save classes, articles, and recipes to come back to later. No need to bookmark a thing.
  • Have a favorite teacher? "Follow" them so you're updated when they upload new content.
  • Make friends by following other community members. Easily find new friends on the forums, Q&A Cafes, or when you connect with someone through video/recipe comments.

Grokker Yoga

grokker yoga

The yoga section is broken down into three sections: topics, Q&A Cafe, and Quick Links (videos, series, collections, and experts)

Styles of Yoga:​

  • Iyengar
  • Hatha
  • Power
  • Vinyasa Flow
  • Ashtanga
  • Anusara
  • Restorative
  • And More...

Class Focuses:

Regardless of your yoga de jour, you're not going to lack for class variety. Whether you're trying to better your backbends or unwind in a soothing yin class, it's simple finding a class that suits your needs.

Class Duration:​

Classes range in length from 10 minutes to over 60 minutes.


  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


grokker yoga experts

This is where you can find teachers who are "experts" in different styles of yoga or class focuses.

If you have a favorite teacher at your local yoga studio, you probably had to take a ton of classes with different teachers before you found "the one".

You'll likely go through the same process on Grokker, but you can speed it up by narrowing down your search with your personal interests and strengths.

Yoga Series:​

I love the series feature of Grokker. Sometimes you know you need a particular something, but it's hard to put your finger on what that something is.

A quick browse through the series list is a great way to pique your interest or spice your practice up.

Some of the available series are:​

  • Beginner's Guide to Vinyasa
  • Yoga and Pilates Fusion
  • Grit, Grace, and Gratitude: Yoga for Cancer Patients)
  • 21-Day Yoga Body Slimdown Challenge
  • Yoga Under 30-Minutes

Down and Dirty Yoga Class Review

Sometimes you don't have time to sit and watch videos to decide if they're the right fit for you, so here's my quick low-down on two classes I found through my system-generated interests.

We all know my undying love for vinyasa, so I'll run through one of those and follow it up with a Hatha class review.​

YOGA CLASS: Earth Element with Christy Evans​

grokker Earth Element Christy Evans yoga class

This class emphasizes mindful movement and breath with slower movement and longer holds.

  • The video quality is excellent. There isn't the typical subpar video quality like I've found with a lot of other online yoga classes.
  • There is clear instruction and sound. There was no straining to hear or confusion because the music is too loud.
  • This is a complete, challenging flow that's adjustable for intermediate/advanced students.
  • The overall feel of the video was slightly cheesy, almost like the outdated yoga classes that sometimes pop up on PBS channels at five in the morning.
  • If you like the feeling of being IN a class, you might prefer a different subscription site like YogaGlo.

YOGA CLASS: Root to Rise with Siri Peterson Cavanna

grokker Root to Rise Siri Peterson Cavanna yoga class

The class focuses on your hips and pelvic floor and teaches you to keep your heart soft and open.

  • Siri feels like a teacher I'd come across at my local studio, and I didn't get the cheesy yoga DVD feeling like with the other class.
  • The instruction is clear without feeling like I'm a child being guided by an adult.
  • I learned quite a few new alignment tips to prevent injury, and they're tips that yogis of all experience levels can utilize in their practice.
  • The class was listed as intermediate, but I think it's more suited to a beginner or intermediate-beginner student.

Grokker beyond of Yoga classes

Just looking at their wide variety of yoga classes wouldn't do Grokker justice so let's take a look at all the other features it has to offer.

Q&A Cafe

grokker qa cafe

It could just be me, but my favorite thing to talk about is yoga. My non-yogi friends and family get a bit sick of it, though, so I have to find other outlets to get my yoga-talk on.

The Q&A Cafe is a great place to offer advice to other yogis or ask your own questions. Questions range from alignment clarifications to how to practice yoga without aggravating an old sports injury.

Yoga Tips

grokker tips

The tips section is a resource guide written by Grokker's resident experts. Get more information on anything from Grokker's various yoga series to what the best poses for bicyclists are.


grokker fitness

The fitness section is equally comprehensive as the yoga section, and I truly appreciated all of the info packed into it because while I know quite a bit about yoga, I'm pretty clueless about other types of fitness.

The fitness area is broken down into the same three sections yoga is: topics, Q&A Cafe, and Quick Links (videos, series, collections, and experts).

Fitness Topics

grokker fitness topics
  • Abs and core
  • Strength Training
  • Sports Conditioning
  • Interval Training
  • Cardio
  • And More...

Why It's Great for Newbies

I definitely consider myself a fitness novice. I'm pretty addicted to my yoga mat, so "cross training" isn't something I've considered since I quit running three years ago.

Grokker has taken this into consideration when they built a variety of series. It doesn't matter how fit you are or how little you know about fitness; you'll find a program that works for you.

New Year, New You Challenge

grokker 30 day challenge

While I'm a bit past the New Year, the New Year, New You Challenge was a great place to get started.

It encompasses all three areas of Grokker (yoga, fitness, and food) to successfully guide you into being more active through a well-rounded routine.

It's so much easier to stick with a new lifestyle when you have everything laid out for you with cardio, strength, flexibility, and recipes.

Included in the program is a calendar, so all you have to do is lace up and hit play.

The plan spans 30 days with a workout every day, as well as a couple of recipes/cooking videos to get you started on the right track.​

Update: The challenge is no longer available but instead you get a full 14 days for FREE as a new subscriber. Go check it out here.

7-Minute HIIT Workouts

grokker hiit

HIIT is arguably one of the best ways to burn fat, boost the metabolism, and improve stamina with intense but short workouts.

This series is a great way to see results with minimal time investment.

These workouts work your abs, arms, butt, and cardio fat burning for full-body toning and strengthening.​

I'll admit that it's hard for me to invest more than 15 minutes in video workouts that aren't yoga-related, but these were short enough that I managed to force myself to take part in them.

The included weekly workout schedule makes this completely foolproof, leaving you with no excuse to get started.​


grokker cooking

Everyone loves food, so I can't see anyone who won't get full use of this section! Chronic burner-of-water or experienced chef, there's something here for everyone.

Techniques and Tools

grokker techniques

This is such a useful section, especially for novice cooks! It's incredibly helpful if you're not sure how to cook healthfully. Sometimes it isn't the ingredients you use; it's how they're being prepared that make your food less healthy.

Some techniques you'll be guided through:

  • How to bake with nuts
  • Sauteeing vegetables in water (versus oil)
  • How to meal prep for a week of healthy meals
  • Cooking the perfect steak


Recipes are broken down into two parts: a video guiding you through the prep and cooking of the dish and the actual written recipe.

grokker recipes

Even slow cooker recipe videos are short and to the point; you won't find any hour long Food Network-type cooking videos on Grokker.

It is a bit disappointing there isn't nutritional breakdown for any of the recipes. If you're calorie counting, this is really important when you're changing your diet, but hopefully it will be added to the site as it improves.​

grokker recipes instrutions

However, each recipe does have a comment section so you can see how other users have altered the recipe, asked for advice from the chef, or how their dish fared.​

grokker recipes 3

Types or Recipes

  • Soups
  • Vegetarian / Vegan
  • Chinese
  • Breakfast
  • Appetizers / Salads
  • Gluten Free
  • BBQ / Grilling
  • And More...


Supported Devices:

Apple TV, iPhone/iPad (iTunes app), smart TVs (various brands), computer

Loading Speed:

High speed internet or data (for mobile viewing) is ideal for the best streaming quality.

Video Quality:

All "Premium" videos (meaning they're filmed by Grokker) are high quality.

Trial and Price

Grokker offers every new subscriber a free 14-day trial.

You get some great value and whats even more important is that it will set you on the right path for a daily practice! Because it is all about the routine and there is nothing better than an abundance of yoga videos to choose from.

Claim your exclusive 14 Day Trial access here. You will have to add your credit card credentials but they won't charge you and you can cancel any time with a click of a button.​

Monthly memberships cost $14.99, but if you opt for the annual membership, you'll only pay $9.99/month.​

What Others Are Saying About Grokker

It's obvious I love Grokker. What do other fitness and yoga peeps think?

"Why Grokker rocks: Excellent, affordable content, wide variety of genres, strong community focus and an easy interface."

About Health

"I really like the Grokker service. It’s functional, varied, and because of the wide selection of videos, I can try some things I’ve never tried before, such as Qigong."

Laura Williams

So, What Makes Grokker Unique?​

You can find any number of fitness-related websites that offer videos and healthy living information, so why should you pay $14.99 for Grokker?​

  • Social media-like profiles make it easy to find friends who have the same healthy living ideals you do.
  • Combine your love of yoga with various types of fitness.
  • Broaden your culinary skills with hundreds of fresh, unique recipes.
  • Evolve your fitness knowledge by making new, interesting topics your "favorites" through your profile, opening up more classes to take and articles to read.

Final Verdict

Quality Rating:

I have virtually no complaints about Grokker. It's likely your idea of healthy living is going to change over time, and Grokker has enough content that no matter how your tastes shift, it will remain an excellent fit for you.

Expand your yoga practice, pick up some new strength training skills, or give Vietnamese cooking a try with Grokker. You won't regret your subscription at all!

Grokker Online Yoga & Fitness
  • Video Quality
  • Accessibility
  • Community
  • Customer Service

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  1. Grokker just charged me for two year back subscriptions. Said they tried much for a year and finally it went through. Since I hadn’t used it In over a year and only discovered the charge on my card statement I was surprised. No emails at all regarding payment EVER! When I cancelled and asked them for some credit back. They referred be to their terms is sale that states No Refunds! Good site – terrible business ethics. Ugh

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