6 Amazing Infographics of Yoga Poses to Boost Weight Loss: Get Slim Arms, Firm Butts and a Toned Body with these Fat Burning Yoga Poses

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Dedicated yoga students aren't just happier, healthier, and less stressed out, they're often more toned and in better shape than other people.

Yoga requires a significant amount of strength, and when you're steadily getting stronger, you're steadily getting slimmer. Integrate some of these yoga poses for weight loss into your daily routines (yoga or not) and you'll quickly see you're not only getting more toned, you're getting stronger, too.

#1 Start with an intense Power Yoga Workout to feel the heat

Yoga isn't all stretching, savasana, and deep breathing. There are powerful yoga poses that isolate various muscle groups and organs that aid the weight loss process.

Yoga standing postures are an excellent way to tone your legs, buttocks, and core, and if you link them with each other into a faster-flowing sequence, you'll end up getting your cardio in for the day, too.

The supine and back bending poses lengthen and strengthen your back muscles and allow you to fully engage your core in other yoga postures.

Power poses get you to break a sweat, so if you've been avoiding yoga because you think it's too low key, give these postures a shot. And if you can't find a yoga studio in your area - just join an online yoga studio instead!

#2 Or take it a bit slower with these asanas

Slower, gentle poses are effective for weight loss, too. You don't have to run around the neighborhood, spend an hour on the elliptical, or go to a hot yoga class to lose weight.

These poses are certainly going to help you lengthen your muscles and increase your flexibility, but it isn't just the physical postures that are changing your body.

There is a total of eight limbs of yoga, and the physical practice is only one of them. Yoga will change your body, certainly, but changing your body inevitably changes your mind.

Mindful change leads to behavioral change, and changing your behavior ensures you keep up good habits physically and mentally.

#3 Strengthen your arms with this 5-minute yoga routine

If you've looked at a yogi's arms and shoulders, you'll see they're quite built. Yoga requires a ton of upper body strength, and a regular yoga practice quickly gets you the guns of your dreams.

This five-minute routine tones your biceps, triceps, and shoulders with just a few very effective moves. Downward facing dog will always require upper body strength no matter how advanced of a yogi you are, and there's no better way to get biceps of steel than with yoga pushups (chaturanga).

Repeat this sequence a few times in a row to really get your arms working. Throw some sun salutations between your routine repetitions and you will feel it all the next morning.

#4 Sculp your legs with these 14 yoga poses

Yoga students have some killer leg strength, and most of them have probably never used the leg press machine at the gym.

A thorough standing sequence requires both strength and flexibility, and with these 14 poses, you'll rapidly feel your thighs, hamstrings and buttocks screaming. Since most standing poses are done on each leg, you get a very effective leg workout without making both of your legs scream at once.

If you've been eyeing those sexy denim cutoffs all winter, skip leg day at the gym and hit your mat as often as you can instead.

#5 Want a firm butt? This yoga sequence will get you ready for bikini season

Yogis don't just look good in Lululemon pants because they paid a ton of money for them; yoga is an excellent way to tone and develop your buttocks.

You don't need to put unnecessary wear and tear on your knees with obscene numbers of squats when you have your yoga practice.

From chair pose to wide legged forward fold, you get some incredible buns without the hassle of fighting the pre-summer crowds at the gym.

#6 Just work on your legs and butt with this incredible yoga sequence

Are you a former gym rat and you can't get out of the legs/abs/arms/cardio schedule? You can definitely target various body parts with your yoga practice, so if you're longing for a legs/butt day, this sequence will set your thighs, butt, and hips on fire.

No weights required! Because you'll be working your lower body so intensely, follow this sequence up with some deep hip openers to release all of the work you just did.

Don't feel like you need to devote 90-minutes a day to your practice to see the physical effects. With targeted yoga poses for weight loss and well-sequenced flows, you'll quickly work various body parts in a time-efficient practice.

Whether you have the time for a full 90-minute practice or you've only got 20 minutes before you have to head out the door, you still get the weight loss benefits regardless of how much time you have.​

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