What Is Power Yoga? A Beginners Guide

Want to take a more fitness inspired approach to your yoga practice? Then look no further than Power Yoga. This increasingly popular style of Yoga is fast paced, challenging and centred around your physical fitness.  But don’t think taking a power yoga class will just be about working out and getting a sweat on, you will undoubtedly … Read more >>


Postnatal Yoga

What is Postnatal Yoga?Technically, it is yoga practiced after childbirth. What does that actually entail? It entails a mom coming to her mat during one of the most delicate, sensitive, challenging times of her life.Take It EasyThis is not a time to be practicing yoga ferociously or fast-paced. Much like prenatal yoga, it is a time … Read more >>

vinyasa yoga

What is Vinyasa Yoga? A Beginners Guide

Trying yoga for the first time can be a bit overwhelming and confusing. Imagine being a new student, mustering up the nerve to find a studio, going on their website to see what they offer, and feeling like everything is essentially written in another language.  Vinyasa yoga, hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga…how do we know which one … Read more >>

what is ashtanga yoga

What Is Ashtanga Yoga? A Beginners Guide

Are you one of those people that love fitness but feel Yoga is too gentle for you? So often I hear people say that Yoga isn’t much of a workout, or they prefer a workout that will make them sweat. Well maybe you should try Ashtanga Yoga. Ashtanga is a dynamic and strong practice linking breath to … Read more >>

what is hatha yoga

What Is Hatha Yoga? A Beginners Guide

With yoga hitting the Western world by storm, have you ever wondered how this spiritual and ancient practice from India became such a popular fitness workout?  ​Instagram is flooded with enthusiastic Yogis showing off their yoga moves, but to understand where the physical side of yoga fits in we need to start with Hatha.  The background … Read more >>

restorative yoga

What Is Restorative Yoga? A Beginners Guide

Are you an athlete who needs to balance your active lifestyle? Are you wanting to get into yoga but worried you’re not skilled or fit enough? Are you someone wanting to experience meditation without having to sit uncomfortably still for long periods of time? Are you stressed to the max and desperate for a way to … Read more >>

Bikram Yoga

What is Bikram Yoga? A Beginners Guide

Whether you’ve seen a friend check into a bikram studio on facebook, peeked through foggy windows to observe a class downtown, or just been watching the news lately, Bikram yoga is everywhere. But what exactly is it?What is Bikram?Bikram yoga is a style of yoga which consists of 26 postures, typically done in a very … Read more >>

what is iyengar yoga

What is Iyengar Yoga: A Beginners Guide

Are you interested in giving yoga a try but afraid of not being able to do the poses correctly? Do you want to quiet your mind? Perhaps you are trying to build strength after an injury. Have no fear, Iyengar yoga is here. This cautious, gentle form of yoga can help you get started down a lifelong … Read more >>

kundalini yoga

What Is Kundalini Yoga: A Beginners Guide

From white turbans, to chanting and eccentric celebrity endorsements, you may be surprised to learn that Kundalini Yoga is not as “far out” as it appears at first glance. Perceived as an exclusive club, or an ultra-spiritual practice reserved for die-hard yogis, this style of yoga is often passed up by the average yoga student. In … Read more >>

what is yin yoga

What Is Yin Yoga: A Beginners Guide

Do you ever wish your life could just slow down a little?Everything is super fast paced nowadays and we are expected to keep up. In Taoist teachings this would be described as being in a yang state, and with everything in life we need balance. This is where yin comes in.What is Yin YogaYin yoga is … Read more >>