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Great variety of videos but could be more user friendly.

Course Quality


Ease of Use


We like

  • Great value for the money
  • Some of the worlds best yoga teachers
  • Great variety of yoga styles for you to try

We didn't like

  • Android app is not very user friendly
  • You need high speed internet
  • No option to pay annually to save money

Summary: Yogaglo offers a wide variety of high quality yoga classes for various yoga styles. The teachers are some of the worlds best and all classes can be accessed via multiple devices.

We can highly recommend Yogaglo. If we had to pick though, we would probably go for instead.

From $18 / month

I have two kids, so my time is quite limited in terms of getting to do what I want to do.

Unless I want to spend our mortgage on a babysitter whenever I want to squeeze in a yoga class, going to my studio at the drop of a hat isn't a viable option for me. A home practice is an integral part of any yogi's regular practice.

YogaGlo is one of many online yoga class subscription sites, and after writing this YogaGlo review, it's my favorite--so far!--out of all of them.

Update: We have a favorite when it comes to Online Yoga Classes and it's not Yogaglo. Want to know what it is? Click Here to read the full review!

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a YogaGlo Subscription​

Like I said in my Yogavibes review, these subscription services are great if you don't have a local studio, your budget is tight, you want to strengthen your home practice, or you don't have the time to head to a studio.

I've seen people gushing they'd never get a guided class without these kinds of online services, either because they live rurally or they can't afford a membership to a yoga studio.​

Even if you have a studio or teacher you love, I still highly recommend YogaGlo. There have been days where I got to go to a class in the morning, but I'm still yearning for another practice as the day goes on. It's nice to have a guided class right at my fingertips any time of day.​

If you have to decide between online classes and going to a studio, the studio is the winner though. There is just nothing like being part of a group of sweating yogis.​

If you are looking more for a "one-time payment" thing you can also check out our review of Shapeshifter Yoga or the newly released Yoga Burn System by Zoe Bray Cotton.​

What is YogaGlo?​

YogaGlo is an online subscription service for yoga classes. You pay a monthly fee and have 24/7 unlimited access to classes from some of the industry's most illustrious and beloved yoga teachers.

Yogaglow in Numbers

Number of classes: YogaGlo has over 2500 classes, and two new classes are added each week.

Founded in: January 2009​

Teachers: As I will mention below, you'll have access to an illustrious list of some of the world's most celebrated yoga teachers.​

Class length: Classes are 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 60, 90, and 120 minutes in length.​

The site offers yoga classes of all styles so yogis of every type will find their perfect practice. Choose a rejuvenating restorative class or work on your Ashtanga primary series in the comfort of your own home.​

  • The monthly cost is quite low and well worth everything you get access to.
  • You get the opportunity to practice with some of the world's best yoga teachers, giving you the chance to learn directly from them.
  • You can explore a variety of yoga styles without having to attend multiple studios.
  • The app for Android devices is hard to use.
  • If you don't have high-speed internet, your videos are choppy and slow.
  • There is no option to pay annually and save money with a long-term subscription.

Price and Payment

YogaGlo is only $18 per month. As I said above, you get unlimited access to all of the site's classes. This is a monthly recurring payment, so you'll input your credit card number and you'll be billed automatically.

If your budget doesn't allow for the payment one month, you can shut down your service and easily restart it when the time is right again.​

All new members get a free 15-day trial. You need to give the site your credit card number, but canceling it is as simple as logging in and checking an "unsubscribe" box. You don't have to call anyone or leave any messages (I'm looking at you, YogaVibes!).​

Breaking Down YogaGlo's Class Offerings​

Types of Yoga

Here's where you're going to feel like a kid in a candy store! It doesn't matter what your favorite type of yoga class is; you're going to find your style on YogaGlo and be instructed by some of the best teachers in that style. Choose from:

  • Hatha
  • Ashtanga
  • Vinyasa Flow
  • Restorative
  • Yin
  • Pre/post natal
  • Kundalini
  • Iyengar
  • Meditation
  • Beyond the Mat

YogaGlo is really unique in offering their Beyond the Mat classes. These get you deeper into the eight limbs of yoga, as well as getting you more involved in the spiritual aspect of your practice.

Some of them are very much like a college course, and the speakers use mostly lecture, facts, and anecdotes to educate you while other classes will really get you outside of your head and thinking about yoga as more than just a good workout.

yogaglo classes focus

The meditation classes are also unique to YogaGlo. Whatever your view on meditation is, there are classes that will work for your level of acceptance.

I like the shorter meditation classes because they're five minutes in length and guide me through the entire thing. It's easier to keep a semi-clear head when someone is telling you exactly how to meditate.

If you're an expert meditator, there are much longer classes, but I'll be honest when I say I haven't even touched those yet. Practice and all is coming, right?​

Difficulty Level

There is a host of ways you can search for a yoga class, but let's start with the difficulty levels. YogaGlo offers four levels:

Level 1: Beginners or students of all levels looking for a more mellow practice.

Level 2: Intermediate students who are looking to advance their practice with arm balances, inversions, and more complicated sequences. Teachers offer alternative poses or modifications for students that aren't quite ready for the advanced poses.

Level 2-3: Heat-building classes with advanced poses and less instruction from the instructor.

Level 3: The most advanced classes on YogaGlo. These are best suited for students who have practiced regularly for at least a year and are comfortable with advanced arm balances, inversions, and more difficult sequencing. Expect to sweat and be sore the next day!

Search Options

You can get pretty specific with the search option. If "type", "difficulty level", and "teacher" aren't enough, YogaGlo lets you search by body part and focus, too.

The body part search is ideal for when you need to work out a kink in a certain part of your body. I find this feature helpful when I wake up with a stiff neck or when my shoulders need a good stretching.

All I have to do is search for whatever body part is ailing me, and the engine will show me every class that focuses on that part. You can choose classes for your hips, hamstrings, nervous and immune systems, wrists, heart, and even your eyes!

If I selected hamstring-focused classes, they range from hamstring focused vinyasa flows to advanced yin classes to really lengthen and loosen my stubborn hammies.​

The focus feature is superb, too. Whatever you need to work on, YogaGlo has you covered. Whether you're recovering from addiction or you're battling infertility, soothe your problems with classes geared specifically towards your problems. Other focus groups include:​

  • Morning classes
  • Workplace yoga
  • Stress reduction
  • Backpain
  • Energy
  • Detox
  • Body, Heart, and Mind Classes

Yoga isn't just a physical practice. When I got serious about my practice, I found myself naturally gravitating towards expanding and deepening my practice.

yogaglo mind body heart

Yogaglo Classes for Body, Heart & Mind

YogaGlo offers you the opportunity to balance your practice with additional heart and mind classes. If you find yourself focusing on the physical aspect, YogaGlo will politely remind you to branch out and try some heart and mind classes.

Heart classes focus on your feelings and how you handle the negative ones in the real world. Heart classes help you find your center, boost your confidence, and explore your emotions--whether they're jealousy, joy, and uncertainty.

Don't worry about these classes not offering a good workout. Just because they explore your heart doesn't mean they aren't going to give you a good workout, too!​

Mind classes hone your brain. These classes inspire and challenge you to cut down the negative thinking and realize that you are truly capable of anything you set your mind to.

These classes sharpen your focus and solidify your discipline. The self-inquiry collection guides you as you search for your highest purpose as you develop a more mindful yoga practice.​

My Favorite Classes​

As a woman, I really enjoy the classes tailored for women on their monthly cycle. Spending thirty minutes listening to a soothing voice and being directed through a gentle flow to make me feel human again is magnificent.

My husband is a triathlete in training, and after I got sick of listening to him groan about his aches and pains, I handed him the iPad with a list of classes designed for running, cycling, and athletes. He is the kind of guy who used to say that Yoga is for women but I have seen him doing some yoga exercises more than once so it seems to work for him.

Finally, my favorite part of this site is its kids' yoga classes! My daughter is really interested in my yoga practice, but she gets frustrated when she sees me doing difficult poses that she can't quite achieve yet.

yogaglo classes for kids

These classes are super short (10 to 20 minutes) and feature easy, fun poses that get toddlers and younger kids excited about yoga. There are even a few designed for getting your teenagers involved! I can't stress how awesome these classes are.

If you have a baby, get them involved, like Baby in Arms, Get Up and Flow, and Practicing Yoga with Baby.

Again, these classes are all super short, allowing you to get moving while your baby interacts with you. Moms that are freshly post-partum will really enjoy the While Baby Naps class for a thorough but gentle flow.​

The Teachers​

To be honest I have never been much of a groupie when it comes to famous yoga teachers. But Yogaglo claims to have such a great lineup of teachers so I looked into them a bit more. If you've been in the yoga world for even a short time, then you've probably heard of some of them.

yogaglo teachers

And even though I think that there are many competent yoga teachers out there the names on this list guarantee that you will get top notch instructions from people who know what they are doing. So if you are looking for quality instructions, you will get them here.

Kathryn Budig: Kathryn is known for being approachable, kind, hilarious, and creative. Her vinyasa flow classes are always extremely unique, and you won't be bored during any of her classes. She insists her students recognize their inner strength as you tackle challenging poses in an accessible way. I love taking her classes so much that I actually went to one of her workshops and learned an incredible amount from her in person.​

Elena Brower: Elena exudes peace and strength while making you feel like you have a motherly figure watching over you. She teaches Hatha and vinyasa flow classes that are challenging but peaceful. If you've been feeling out of sorts, frazzled, or empty lately, take one of her classes and you'll immediately be taken to that inner realm of calmness.​

Noah Maze: Noah provides fun but extremely challenging classes. He encourages his students to connect mind, body, and soul during their practice while still offering plenty of laughter along the way. He's created a groundbreaking teacher training program that's used worldwide to create strong and dedicated yoga teachers.​

Tiffany Cruikshank: Tiffany is the founder of Yoga Medicine, an organization that melds anatomy and western medicine with tried and true yoga methods. She has a background in sports medicine and acupuncture, so she's a veritable font of knowledge.

You'll learn something new about anatomy with each of her classes. Expect to sweat, moan, and tear up during some of her classes. They are incredibly challenging but rewarding.​

Felicia Tomasko: If you're looking for well-rounded yin classes, I highly suggest Felicia's . Not only is she a yoga teacher, she's also a registered nurse and highly educated in Ayurvedic medicine. She, too, has a naturally soothing voice, and every one of her yin classes will leave you feeling like you just got a delicious massage.​

Seane Corne: Seane is known most famously for her Off the Mat, Into the World organization. With this organization, she's fighting to end human trafficking, child prostitution, and other horrors we tend to turn a blind eye to.

Her classes are a "moving prayer", and you'll find yourself connecting to your practice on a different spiritual level. Each class is sprinkled with anecdotes from her travels abroad and help you to gain insight into the true human condition.​

Richard Freeman: Richard spent years studying the practice of Ashtanga with K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore. He's also studied various traditions like Sufism, Bhakti, and the Vipassana Buddhist practice.

His Ashtanga classes are difficult and interspersed with his extensive knowledge of the practice. Expect a metaphorical teaching in each class you take with Richard.YogaGlo Technology​


Supported Devices

YogaGlo is available on a ton of different devices. It's compatible on all computers, as well as Apple and Android devices.

I have both the iPad and the Android app. The apps are just for downloading (temporarily; you don't own them) classes so you are able to access them when you don't have internet access.

I much prefer the Apple iPad app to the Android. The Android app is difficult to navigate and takes forever to learn how to use efficiently.

The Apple app, however, is very user-friendly. You just go onto the YogaGlo website, add a class to your queue, and then you can download it to your app for data-free viewing.

YogaGlo is available on smart TVs and streaming devices like Roku. This is really nice when you practice at home so you aren't squinting at a tiny computer or tablet screen.​

​Loading speed

The site recommends at least 500+kbps download and 150kbps upload speeds for the best streaming quality.

Video quality

Every video is filmed and streamed in quality high-definition.Others Love It, Too!​

Others Love It, Too!

As usual I want to give you an impartial opinion so I scoured the web for other reviews as I wrote mine. Maybe it's the teenager in me, but I like to know other people like the things I do.

I wasn't disappointed. It's really hard to find a dissenting review about YogaGlo, so here are some screen grabs of some glowing reviews.​

"One of the things I love most is the variety. You get the convenience of practicing at home without the boredom of doing the same DVD over and over and over."


"We can learn so much from each other and online yoga is just one way we can open our practice into unseen directions.

So, rather than unplug, I say plug-in — and open your home and heart to a whole world of teachers, classes, and experience. What an incredible way to connect, if you ask me!"


Alternatives to YogaGlo

At this point, I'm not sure why anyone would want an alternative to YogaGlo, but I digress. Here is a breakdown of the other options and how they differ from YogaGlo.​

my yogaworks logo

Yoga Works has been a busy studio since 1987, and they're known for producing some pretty spectacular teachers and students.

If you're looking for a very affordable online option, this site is just $15 a month. They don't have as many classes as their competitors; so far, the site only has 845 classes, whereas YogaGlo has over 2500 and YogaVibes has over 5000.

They have a neat feature called the Journey Series that I'm intrigued by. You're offered a series of classes that help hone a certain skill or have a designated effect on you. Some of these courses look like they could be a ton of fun.

The Yoga Butt series definitely looks like something I'd like to do over the winter. You start out slowly and build throughout the week to a 45-minute legs and glutes class. New moms will really appreciate Naptime Yoga for Moms.

There's a class designed for tired moms who need some organic energy and a core, stretch, and restore class.

MyYogaWorks offers the most variety of extended programs with a variety of focuses.

The site has very short (2 to 3 minutes) tutorials on basic and advanced poses.

It's one of the most affordable subscriptions out there. The monthly fee is just $15, or you can join for six months for just $80.​

Dirty Yoga​

If you're into yoga for just the workout, Dirty Yoga is a great choice for you. Every Monday, you'll be given three 30-minute classes that get you moving and sweating. You're also given two shorter classes (known cheekily as "quickies") to work out to.

There's no library of videos like YogaGlo, though. Once Monday rolls around again, the previous week's videos will be removed and you can't access them again.​

This isn't a good option if you like the mind and spirit aspect of your practice. This service is strictly for working out.You have a few subscription options: $10/week, $25/month, or a recurring subscription for $20/month.

The videos are very to the point. There isn't a fancy studio, upbeat music, or anything else you'd expect in a yoga studio: just an instructor giving you directions.​

Click here to read the full review.


yogavibes logo

YogaVibes has a massive archive of classes. If you're looking for a huge variety, this is the service for you. Over 5000 classes ensure you will never have to repeat a class out of necessity. On top of yoga classes, YogaVibes is unique in that they partner with Core Fusion, a yoga, pilates, and barre studio.

If you've wanted to try barre or pilates, this is a great way to do so in the privacy of your own home and for a reasonable cost.​

A monthly subscription to YogaVibes is $19.95 a month.

Unlike YogaGlo where the classes are all filmed at their Santa Monica studio, YogaVibes lets you travel to studios around the country.

YogaVibes also has an extensive selection of courses designed to target the most common yogi problems.

Make sure you check out my review of Yogavibes here.​

Online yoga classes are a panacea for every busy yoga student. No matter what your reason is for not being able to go to a class, you won't have an excuse to miss yet another practice with this kind of service.

Final Verdict

Quality Rating:

I'm extremely pleased with YogaGlo and everything it offers, and for now it is my favorite online yoga class service out there. If my YogaGlo review has piqued your interest, click here to start your free 15-day subscription.​

2 thoughts on “Yogaglo Review – An In-depth Look into”

  1. Yoga Glo is super fraudelent. When you sign up, they do not send you an email reminder letting you know that you have signed up. After the 15 day free trial is over and they actually start billing you, the do not send you an email reminder AT ALL. In one year, I never received any emails, completely forgot about the service and wasn’t reminded once that my free trial was now over and that I would be bill $18 a month. For the past year, they have been charging me $18 per month without any email notification. I think this is dishonest and completely unfair to customers. Do not sign up for this service.

    • Hi Brooke,

      thanks for the warning! I think many will appreciate it. I agree that Yogaglo could do a way better job when it comes to communication. While their videos are pretty good, they really lack in terms of user experience.

      That’s why we actually recommend Grokker at this point – there you get an email every week about whats new and it’s way more transparent overall.

      Have you tried contacting Yogaglo’s customer support?

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