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Course Quality


Ease of Use


We like

  • Great teachers!
  • Lots of yoga classes
  • Supports all important devices

We didn't like

  • Can be overwhelming
  • Canceling is difficult and not user friendly
  • High speed internet required

Summary: YogaVibes is a fantastic option for yogis on the go. On those nights where you don't have a babysitter, you're stuck in a hotel room, or you're relaxing in a mountain cabin, you can still get your practice in with this site.

From $19.96 / month

Ever been to busy to make your way to the Yoga studio?

Or do you live in an area where you can't find a Yoga studio on every corner?

I had a particularly busy month at home a while ago (refurnishing is a workout in itself), and I was working long hours painting walls so it got too late to go to yoga but still early enough that I didn't want to leap right into bed.

That's when I decided to try an online subscription for yoga classes. YouTube yoga videos were often poor quality or inconsistent with the practice I was yearning for, so I opted for a subscription service.

yogavibes logo

I ended up trying, and I learned a lot, got more fit, and didn't have to miss my yoga practice due to my busy schedule. Hopefully, this YogaVibes review is helpful as you're choosing a service.

I will test other services in the coming days and weeks though because I stumbled over some interesting alternatives and I just have to check them out so stay tuned.​

Update: We have a new favorite online yoga class service so make sure you check out our full review here!

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Subscription​

A subscription for online yoga classes is ideal for busy people in all walks of life. Whether you don't have a babysitter for your kids, your work schedule doesn't work with your local studio's classes, or you live rurally and don't have a studio, this is an affordable way to still have a guided class.

I wouldn't recommend this service if you have a local studio you can afford and you manage to go to regularly. While it's nice to have classes at home, you're missing out on hands-on adjustments from experienced yoga teachers and the camaraderie of other sweaty yogis.​

Let Me Tell You About YogaVibes​

YogaVibes is an online-only yoga studio. New classes are added regularly, and you can find just about every type of yoga there is. Whether you want a sweaty vinyasa flow, a challenging Ashtanga practice, or a soothing yin class, you'll find them all.​ in Numbers

Number of classes: There are over 5000 classes available 24/7.

Founded on: August 26, 2009​

Teachers: Annie Carpenter, Ai Kubo, Fred DeVito, Goldie Oren, Kia Miller, Peter Barnett, Shiva Rea, Sri Dharma Mittra, and Tiffany Wood (just to name a few!)

Class length: Class length varies. You can take classes that are 15, 30, 45, 60, or 90 minutes in length. For more intense practices, such as Ashtanga, there are classes longer than 90 minutes, too.

  • Every class is taught by some pretty incredible teachers. Annie Carpenter, Sage Rountree, Kino Macgregor, and Coral Brown are just a few of the instructors you can practice with.
  • One monthly payment gets you access to over 5000 yoga classes.
  • With your subscription, you can access your classes on your phone, computer, iPad, and even a Roku streaming device.
  • The sheer amount of classes is overwhelming sometimes.
  • Cancelling a subscription is kind of difficult. You have to call the office and leave a message for a representative to call you back.
  • If your internet isn't high-speed, your classes are going to be very choppy and slow.

Price and Payment

A monthly subscription runs $19.95 every month. If you have the money and you know you'd like to stick with the site long-term, you can pay for an entire year for $198.95.​

yogavibes costs table

Yogavibes Monthly & Anual Plans

The Free Trial​

Free Trial Screenshot

All new members get a 15-day, no obligation trial! All you have to do is enter your credit card information. If you're going to cancel, you have to call the number and leave a voice message to be called back. This is a huge pain and the biggest issue I have with the subscription.

Searching for Classes

Yogavibes Search Screenshot

Searching for Classes on Yogavibes

There is a myriad of ways to search for a class. You can search by difficulty level, yoga style, focus (body part, for example), duration, or teacher.

The Features of YogaVibes

#1: The Classes

Yogavibes classes

Screenshot of Vinyasa Classes on

This site certainly doesn't lack diverse classes. This isn't Netflix where you'll quickly grow bored with the selection. I'm not exaggerating when I say that you can take a new class every day and not ever repeat a class.

The site offers the traditional yoga offerings like vinyasa flow, Iyengar, and yin, but there is a handful of some non-traditional types of yoga as well. Included in your subscription are barre, Pilates, and brand-specific classes from infamous studios like Core Fusion and ParaYoga.​

I really like the breakdown of the "focus" search. On other subscription sites, if you search for a flow class, you're going to find a huge variety of flow classes from deep and easy to fast-paced and intense. This is fine, but it's nice to narrow down the type of flow you want.

YogaVibes offers "Crazy Sweaty Flow" and "Slow Flow" search options, perfect for those days where you know exactly what you want from your practice.

When you're tight after a long run or you spent 30 miles hunched over your bike, search through "hip opening" classes or classes for athletes. Is your digestive system feeling a bit off? Browse the site's "twisting" section to fire up your belly.​

#2: The Courses​

yogavibes courses

Screenshot of various courses on

Have you ever wished there were training plans for yogis? Runners and weightlifters always have training programs to meet their goals, but these are hard to find as yoga students.

YogaVibes is unique in offering yoga courses, each with their own unique goal. There is a variety of classes in each course, all of which have been handpicked by YogaVibes teachers.

If you're an athlete and/or a yoga teacher, try the Teaching Yoga to Athletes course. Every class was written by world-renowned triathlete and yoga teacher, Sage Rountree. While the course was created for yoga teachers, you'll certainly benefit from learning how to put together sequences that complement your sport.

The Crazy Core series is an eight-part course designed to get your core strong enough to help you succeed with advanced postures. Whether you're a veteran yogi or simply want more core strength, these classes help you use your core for strength in your practice.

Beginner students will appreciate the straightforward Vinyasa Yoga Basics. The five classes gives you a well-rounded overview of the basics of a vinyasa class. The teachers break down the Sun Salutations, standing postures, forward bends, backbends, and even inversions.

#3: Peek Into Different Yoga Studios​

yoga studios screenshot

YogaVibes is unique because they feature a variety of yoga studios that have made a name for themselves. I'll admit, it's pretty fun to feel like I'm practicing at Yoga Tree in San Francisco or the acclaimed Anusara School of Hatha Yoga.

#4: Barre and Pilates Classes​

barre courses

I'll admit I sometimes get a little caught up in just doing yoga as my only form of exercise, but this site inspired me to branch out and try some new things.

The barre classes are extremely challenging and an awesome way to look even more amazing in your Lululemon pants. Core Fusion partnered with YogaVibes to offer some pretty hardcore barre workouts you can take at home.

These ballet-inspired classes are designed to give you a killer booty, toned arms, and chiseled abs.​

The pilates classes are another excellent way to get your butt kicked. If you've never tried pilates, it's similar to yoga, but it's very centered on strength. I guarantee your entire body will be screaming after just one pilates class.​

#5: Expert Levels - Beginners to Experts​

There are three levels to choose from: levels one, two, and three. Obviously level one is for beginners or if you're working with some kind of physical limitation.


Level one classes are also great for more advanced students who want a gentle practice or they want to revisit their knowledge about alignment.​


Level two classes are suitable for students of all levels, but they are more intense than level one classes. The level two classes have advanced postures, and these classes probably involve inversions and arm balances.​


Level three classes are for more experienced students who want a physically challenging class. The teachers might not offer any modifications or alignment cues, so it's important you know your poses without step-by-step guidance.

These advanced classes build quite a bit of heat, and they typically include inversions, arm balances, and complex sequences.​

Technical Requirements & Details

Since technology is so much more than computers, YogaVibes has worked hard to make their site and classes accessible on a variety of platforms. You can take your practice with you wherever you go because it's compatible with Apple, Android, and Roku devices.

YogaVibes2Go App​

Yogavibes App

If you have an iPad or iPhone, you can download the handy YogaVibes2Go app. At the time of this YogaVibes review, the app is still relatively new.

It's really easy to use, which is nice when you're traveling and don't want to spend your time scrolling through an endless list of classes. Cute little icons alert you to what kind of class you're choosing (sequences, standing poses, arm balances, etc).

There's an option for free vignettes, marking your favorite videos for quick access, and instant access to downloaded videos so you can access them without internet or data.​

Loading Speed​

In order to get the best streaming quality, YogaVibes recommends having a broadband connection. If you have slower internet or you're on a shared connection, the site recommends allowing 50 percent of the video to buffer before you hit play.​

Video Quality​

All of the videos and vignettes stream in high-definition, thus necessitating the use of broadband.

Who Else Likes YogaVibes?

I wanted to make sure I was thorough with my YogaVibes review, so naturally, I looked around the web for some other reviews. The general consensus is that this website is pretty great with a wide variety of classes and teachers.

However, a lot of people say that the alternative yoga sites have more consistent filming quality and better classes.

"I love that YogaVibes has their Athletes section and are starting to include barre and core fusion classes. It makes it more than just a yoga website. The customer service is great and they seem to be open to opinions to improve for what the viewer wants and needs. I look forward to seeing they grow as a company and how I grow as a yogi with their service!"


"I love YogaVibes and the service they are providing – yoga classes with amazing teachers that are economical and fit your schedule. I am sure you will love YogaVibes, too."


Alternatives to Yogavibes

A good review shouldn't just ​point out the pros and cons of a service but also some alternatives in case you are not happy with what you are reading.

So here are the top 3 alternatives to Yogavibes for you to check out.​​ [EDITORS CHOICE]

grokker logo

While new on the scene, Grokker’s subscription service outshines others in both quality and content.

Already boasting over 1000 videos in a variety of yoga styles, as well as complimentary fitness and health practices, Grokker’s variety allows you to personalize your home practice.

Grokker truly sets itself apart from the competition with their social-oriented platform. You can customize your profile, follow your favorite teachers and interact with the rest of the community in the Q&A cafe.

They also don’t limit themselves to just yoga: Try out pilates, HIIT classes or even weight training. You can even answer the question of what’s for dinner tonight with their cooking classes and recipes.

An annual membership will only cost you $9.99/month, or you can opt to pay monthly for $14.99. However, after taking advantage of their free 14-day trial, we’re confident you’ll be signing up long term!

Curious to learn more about Grokker’s unique service? Read all about it here.​

yogaglo logo

Of all of the online yoga class sites, YogaGlo is the most popular. It's filmed at the YogaGlo studio in California, and unlike YogaVibes, their classes are all filmed in one studio.

There aren't as many classes as YogaVibes, but they add at least two new classes every week and there are still hundreds to choose from. Their search engine is pretty identical to YogaVibes' and easy to navigate.

The teachers are more well known, too. You can practice with famous yogis like Kathryn Budig, Noah Maze, Elena Brower, and Jason Crandell.​

The price is about the same (YogaGlo is $18/month, unlimited), so it comes down to which site offers the classes and teachers you like more.

There are fewer teachers on YogaGlo than there are on YogaVibes, but YogaGlo teachers seem to be more well-known. YogaGlo offers a mind, heart, body approach, so there are also lectures to intellectually deepen your practice.

The classes are more consistent in quality because they're all filmed at the same YogaStudio by trained camera people, whereas YogaVibes classes are shot at yoga studios and vary drastically in overall quality.

I have also written a longer review about Yogaglo here.​

Yoga Download​

yogadownload logo

A huge difference between Yoga Download and YogaVibes is the subscription options. Where YogaVibes offers you a solid unlimited plan, you can choose some a la carte options with YDL (Yoga Download) to download classes you can keep forever.

The rates are as follows:​

  • $10/month for 4 downloads with unlimited streaming
  • $18/month for unlimited downloads and streaming
  • $24/3 months for 12 total downloads (4 per month) and unlimited streaming
  • $45/6 months for 30 total downloads (5 per month) and unlimited streaming
  • $90/year with unlimited downloads and streaming

Even with these extra options, the price is quite reasonable, especially if you choose the premium plans. Yoga Download also offers the premise of courses/programs for yogis.

You can choose a Yoga for Weight Loss program, a Power Yoga for Pregnancy program, or an arm balancing workshop. If you like music with your yoga, browse thousands of albums and look through the playlists of your favorite teachers.

YDL has more membership options, including the option to download classes that are yours forever.There are printable guides available to YDL members who choose to take an audio class. Enjoy well-rounded pre- and post-natal classes for a healthy pregnancy and post-partum period.

Dirty Yoga​

This company is known for "quick and dirty" yoga classes for people who are busy but still lead a healthy, no-excuses lifestyle. The site is immediately sassy, informing me Dirty Yoga is "no-nonsense, all-temperature, unisex, online yoga you can do anywhere, anytime".

This site doesn't have a massive library of past yoga videos; instead, three 30-minute Dirty Yoga Videos are available to stream every Monday. There are also two three-minute "quickies": one for your core, the other for stretching.

These videos will make up your practice for the coming week. Once the week is over and the new videos are uploaded, your old videos will disappear. This makes for a very well-rounded practice and workout. Their no-frills approach means a lot of the "fluff" that accompanies yoga is thrown away; Dirty Yoga is purely a workout.

You have three subscription options: $10/week, $25 for one month, and $20/month for a recurring subscription.

If you want the mind and spirit portion of yoga, this isn't the service for you.If you're extremely pressed for time and you only have time to practice three times a week, this is a great option.​

Make sure you read my full review to get more details, pros and cons.​

Final Verdict

Quality Rating:

YogaVibes is a fantastic option for yogis on the go. On those nights where you don't have a babysitter, you're stuck in a hotel room, or you're relaxing in a mountain cabin, you can still get your practice in with this site.

No matter what your body needs when you're short on time, you'll find the answer in one of the 5000 classes offered. If you think YogaVibes might be a good fit for you, then click here to give it a once-over and sign up for your free 15-day trial.​

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