Who is behind SoMuchYoga?

Sebastian SoMuchYoga

​Hi, my name is Sebastian.

I am the tribe leader of our yoga and healthy lifestyle community. I try to help workaholics, chronic workout haters and “I don’t have time for this right now” sayers to fall in love with yoga, to de-stress, get fit and healthy while having fun in the process.

Maybe you are here because after working long hours for several years you realize your body and mind have taken it’s toll, and you simply want to feel better,energized and balanced.

Maybe you are here because the idea of being healthy and fit sounds appealing to you, but you never really fell in love with going to the gym.

Maybe you just have been just too busy with life, family, friends and the myriad of other reasons you tend to make up when it comes to starting a healthy routine.

Maybe you just want to start feeling better about yourself?

Whatever it is,thank you for being here!

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Welcome to the World of Yoga​

My goal is it to help you take your first step into a new world of yoga. A world that doesn’t really care about your size, age, gender or if you prefer your coffee black or substitute it with a healthy green smoothie. Coffee for me please...every. single. time!​

I believe living a healthy life doesn’t mean you have to torture yourself with unhealthy diets, or that you have to follow boring workout routines, or eat supplements by the spoonful to build up muscles just to look a certain way.

Is this a one sided view of the fitness industry? Absolutely! Can you have fun working out and and do it in a healthy manner? You betcha!

It is always what you make of it in the end and for me, yoga just made it a lot easier. Why, you ask? Let me tell you.

What Brought Me to Yoga​

But before we get started, I have a confession to make.

I am not a yoga teacher. I am not even a super experienced yogi. The truth is that I regularly plant my face on the mat during crow pose...

I was super active and sporty when I was younger. I played soccer and tennis, participated in swimming competitions, and got thrown around the room in my Hap Ki Do classes. However, all of that stopped when I began university and discovered I actually hated working out.

To to this day I have a strong distaste of the fitness industry, with it’s high regard for sixpack abs, supplements and the constant pressure it puts on everyone who doesn’t fit the current beauty or health standard.

Why SoMuchYoga.com?​

​Over the last few years I tried hard to get into a healthy habit. Various gym subscriptions,home workouts, and 30-day runner challenges didn’t stick. In fact nothing did, until I found yoga.

​Call me a fanboy, but I really love yoga. Less for the actual yoga asanas and more for the fact that it picks you up where you are, and slowly guides you back to a healthier path. Does that sound too “whoo whoo” for you?Well, yes...it does in a way, but let me explain.

I am a workaholic and I actually like that. My body doesn’t though, which led to circular hair loss, stress induced panic attacks and many sleepless nights. As I’ve always been ambitious and driven, my health always took a backseat (and still does sometimes) when I had to push through a new project or when I wanted to reach a new goal.

Did I mention that I really dislike a huge part of the fitness industry? Most of it is hyper result driven (“get a sixpack in 6 weeks”...anyone?) and lacks the core reason why you should work out in the first place, which is to feel better about yourself and live a healthier life.

Yoga Leads You to Happiness​

Yoga is by far not perfect, or let’s say it is as perfect as the people doing and talking about it are, but a huge part of yoga is mindfulness and acceptance. I know,“whoo whoo” again, but look at it this way.

The definition of happiness is essentially this:

Happiness = Reality - Expectations

If you follow diets or workouts promoted by successful celebrities you end up having unrealistic expectations of what a workout can do for you in a realistic amount of time.

Would you follow a workout routine that actually makes you less happy?

Yoga removed the “expectation part” for me and made sticking to a regular practice much easier. I don’t have to push myself every time,it matters more that I get on my mat on a regular basis without giving up.

Success and happiness will follow if you enjoy the process. That is as true with yoga as it is for everything else in life.​

So...what can you expect on SMY?​

To be honest, I started this site to get some accountability for my yoga practice as well as to learn more about yoga in general. I would say that I am still very much a beginner when it comes to yoga.

But writing for SMY helps me to learn more about yoga than I ever would just going to a yoga class every week.

I started to read medical studies, researched the science of yoga and with every page I read, I learn more about it.

Here I write about what I learned.

My friend Whitney, who originally got me into yoga is helping me with my mission to build a new home for everyone who is new to yoga or even those who have never thought about yoga before but are curious to learn more about it.

Also more and more of my (old and new) friends​ are joining SMY to tell their stories.

SMY is less a spiritual journey than one of mind and body for me, but by all means - add as much spirituality to your yoga practice as you need. I guess I am just a very non-spiritual guy so I take what I like and go from there.

What I like might change from time to time though 🙂

So...welcome again my friend and namaste!​

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