What Is Power Yoga? A Beginners Guide

Want to take a more fitness inspired approach to your yoga practice? Then look no further than Power Yoga. This increasingly popular style of Yoga is fast paced, challenging and centred around your physical fitness.  But don’t think taking a power yoga class will just be about working out and getting a sweat on, you will undoubtedly … Read more >>


What Does Mantra Mean: A Beginners Guide

For many of us, the first time we chant OM in a yoga class can feel unnatural and perhaps a little silly. However, once you break through that initial uneasiness and begin to join in there’s no denying that chanting mantras has a very unique effect on our experience. Mantras aren’t just reserved for those … Read more >>

how often to practice yoga

How Often Should I Practice Yoga?

As a yoga teacher, it’s very common to hear this question. Both new and experienced yogis are eager to know how much yoga they should be doing; but in reality there is no single correct response: As with everything in yoga our practice, the answer depends on the individual. There are actually 5 questions you … Read more >>


Postnatal Yoga

What is Postnatal Yoga?Technically, it is yoga practiced after childbirth. What does that actually entail? It entails a mom coming to her mat during one of the most delicate, sensitive, challenging times of her life.Take It EasyThis is not a time to be practicing yoga ferociously or fast-paced. Much like prenatal yoga, it is a time … Read more >>


How To Do The Splits (Monkey Pose)

Monkey pose, or Hanumanasana in Sanskrit, is a graceful yet challenging posture named after the Monkey God Hanuman (1). This posture requires flexibility in the hamstrings, hip flexors and hip extensors. Although challenging, there are many preparatory poses that can stretch and warm up the integral muscles for you to safely perform the splits. Quick Navigation … Read more >>