7 Best Yoga Videos for Kids on Youtube

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I never fully realized the magic of yoga until I started letting my youngest do yoga with me before bed. Without fail, she falls asleep almost immediately after doing yoga.

Now that I've seen the light, I encourage all of my kids to participate in yoga. Admittedly, my type of class (vinyasa flow) isn't all that kid friendly, so I turned to YouTube for some more whimsical yoga.

Our Roundup of the Best Yoga Videos for Kids

#1 Fun Yoga for Kids

This short and sweet 9 minute kids yoga video is a good way to get your kids to quiet down before bed or at any other time during the day.

  • The video is short, so even kids who aren't that interested in yoga can make it through it.
  • The poses are engaging and have cute names (seashell versus child's pose).
  • The teacher doesn't seem like she's been around kids very much, using phrases like "utliize the core".
  • The sound quality isn't that great.

#2 Fun Yoga for Kids

This video is very much geared towards kids about four to seven years of age. With an instructor who's like your slightly off-kilter English great-aunt, it's great fun for your kids!

  • There are 10 children involved, encouraging more engagement from your child.
  • "Sammy the Sun" guides your child through the sun salutations.
  • The instrutor moves slowly through the poses, so even inexperienced children can follow along well.
  • The background is a bit distracting to adults, but kids won't seem to mind it.
  • Despite the instructor's jovial personality, you can tell she's memorized a script and her instructions are a bit mechanical.
  • At 52 minutes long, this could be a bit too long for younger yogis.

#3 Yoga for Kids: Volume One "The Standing Poses"

This 16 minute video is voice narrated by a woman, but it's visually guided by a little cartoon boy.

  • The voice instructions tell little yogis how each standing posture benefits them and makes them stronger.
  • The postures' Sanskrit names are used, exposing kids to a different language.
  • The video goes through the entire sun salutation, the root of a yoga practice.
  • There's a lot of microadjustments, so this could be too much for little kids.
  • The narrator talks about "toning" muscles; this will be above most kids' heads.

#4 Star Wars: A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure

This Star Wars centered yoga practice is perfect for kids of all ages!

  • The host is extremely engaging for kids. I even got sucked in!
  • The Star Wars story will appeal to both boys and girls, especially kids growing up in a Star Wars household.
  • The postures are creatively synced with Star Wars. The light saber duel, for example, goes through a dancing warrior series.
  • Kids who don't like Star Wars might not be as enthralled as kids who love this space adventure.

#5 Popcorn the Dolphin: A cosmic Kids Adventure

This sweet underwater adventure combines your child's love of the sea and yoga.

  • The cute little animated dolphin helps guide your children through their yoga postures.
  • When the postures get a bit more difficult (like dolphin pose), the instructor reminds little yogis to breathe and stay positive.
  • There's plenty of movement to exercise your child and enough slower movements to help relax them.
  • The narration might be a bit patronizing for kids over the age of 8.

#6 Frank the Frog: A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure

This cute little adventure takes your kids on an adventure through a magical little swamp.​

  • The instructor goes through a few favorite songs for a bit of variety.
  • Jumping helps burn excess energy in your kids.
  • The instructor uses a variety of voices to keep your kids engaged as she goes between characters.
  • At 17 minutes, this is one of the shorter Cosmic Kids Adventures.

#7 Namaste Yoga's Yoga for Kids

This low-key class is great for pre-bedtime routines!

  • Quiet and slow moving, even kids as young as 2 or 3 could manage this class.
  • The teacher is quite mellow, and she'd be great at relaxing even the most rambunctious kid.
  • The video is fairly poor in quality, as is the audio.
  • The class will probably be boring for older kids because it's so slow moving.

You don't have to find a studio that caters to kids' yoga to get your kids started with yoga.

All you need is an internet connection, YouTube, and some floorspace for your family to practice to their favorite kids yoga video. If you want a more complete offer, check out our roundup of yoga dvds for kids or join an online yoga studio like Grokker.

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