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Course Quality


Ease of Use


We like

  • Good bang for the buck
  • You can download classes for when you don't have internet access
  • Lots of printable material

We didn't like

  • Huge amount of classes makes it easy to get lost
  • Teacher are not that well known
  • Apps only offer 20min streaming


Yogadownload is a great service for everyone who is looking for online yoga classes. The option to download classes makes it especially useful for those who want to practice yoga in places lacking a fast internet connection.

From $15

Having 24/7 streaming access to online yoga classes is really convenient.

It’s nice to grab my computer, tablet, or my streaming device and have a library of yoga classes right at my fingertips. What do you do when you don’t have internet access, though?

We like to go camping as a family or we just disappear into the mountains for a few days to unplug. I could easily practice without a guided class, but I like taking my tablet down to the river and having a structured class while I’m immersed in nature.

Most online services don’t allow you to download their classes, so if you don’t have internet service, you’re pretty much out of luck unless you subscribe to YogaDownload.

My YogaDownload review breaks down the site and its most unique feature: videos to download and keep forever.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a YogaDownload Subscription​

YogaDownload was created to provide everyone with the opportunity to create and maintain a consistent yoga practice. YogaDownload is ideal for the student who doesn’t have the time or budget to practice in a yoga studio.

It fits every schedule because you can practice on your terms, but because there is also a variety of class lengths. You can choose a short five minute guided meditation or jump right into a 90-minute Ashtanga class.

Best of all, there’s no pressure to carve out 60 minutes for yoga. YogaDownload firmly believes that even ten minutes of yoga is better than none at all.​

If you already have a consistent practice at a yoga studio, I would still recommend the site because life happens and there will be times when you aren’t able to go to your studio. It’s affordable and I consider it a nice backup that’s worth the price.

What is YogaDownload?​

Because going to a yoga studio is impossible for a lot of students, these types of services are even more important. I lived in a small town for a couple of years that had absolutely no yoga, and I wish these sites had existed back then.

yogadownload yoga styles

To have access to a structured class led by an experienced yoga teacher would have made a huge difference in my yoga practice. When you purchase a subscription to YogaDownload, you get unlimited access to streaming classes and a select amount of downloads per month.

Once you download the classes, you own them forever. How many you get every month depends on the membership you choose. With the cheapest membership option, you still get four downloads every month.​

  • The cost of a monthly subscription is about what one yoga class costs at a typical studio.
  • Unlike the other yoga subscription sites, you are allowed to download a set amount of classes every month to keep. This is great if you travel and you don’t always have a great internet connection.
  • If you like to have hands-on material, your subscription gets you access to printable pose guides that correlate to their classes.
  • If you’re the type of person that’s overwhelmed by a significant amount of classes, you might find yourself spending more time browsing classes than actually practicing yoga.
  • Some subscription sites have a ton of well known teachers. While the teachers on YogaDownload are pretty well-known in yogi circles, if you’re looking for bigger names like you’ll find in Yoga Journal, you might want to opt for a different subscription site.
  • There is an app for Apple and Android products, but it’s only streaming free 20-minute classes at the time I wrote this review.

YogaDownload’s Features

Let's look at what Yogadownloads has to offer.

Price and Membership Options

You have a lot of choices in regards to choosing a membership that fits your budget and needs.

Monthly Premier: For $10 a month, you get unlimited streaming and four downloads every month.

Monthly Elite: $18 a month buys unlimited streaming and unlimited class downloads.

yogadownload pricing

You can save money by purchasing your subscription in three, six, or 12 month increments.

Class Levels

Much like a yoga studio offers classes based on skill level, you can search for classes suitable for your personal skill level.

Levels 1 and 2 are for beginners. Level 1 classes are geared towards students who have had no prior yoga experience. These classes are slow and include plenty of detail to help you learn about alignment.

Level 2 classes are for experienced beginners. If you’ve taken a few yoga classes and you’re familiar with the basic poses and alignment cues, give these a try.

Level 3 classes are for intermediate students. YogaDownload recommends these classes if you have a solid knowledge of the foundational postures, as well as an understanding of linking breath and movement.

Level 4 classes are for advanced-intermediate students. If you’re starting to explore more advanced asanas like arm balances and inversions, these classes will be a good fit. It’s important to have the ability to link breath and movement and have a regular yoga practice.


yogadownload intensities

Levels and intensity are two separate beasts. If you’re looking for a soothing class or something to really get you sweating, then search for classes based on intensity level.

Types of Yoga

yogadownload yoga types

One of my favorite things about these types of sites is the variety of yoga types. Most studios are devoted to one or two types of yoga, so if you want to explore something new, you have to go to a different studio.

I prefer to stick to my vinyasa flow studio, but sometimes I’m curious about other types of classes. YogaDownload has almost every kind of yoga imaginable.

A few of the options:

  • Baptiste power yoga
  • Iyengar yoga
  • Jivamukti yoga
  • Ashtanga yoga
  • Kundalini yoga

As you search for your preferred style, you can still narrow it down further by length, intensity, or focus.

Yoga Channels

yogadownload channels

This feature is unique to YogaDownload and a great way to focus on practicing with a particular teacher or a certain style of yoga. YogaFit is known for their teacher trainings, providing over 800 trainings every year.

Their channel on YogaDownload uses their unique teaching system, providing classes to strengthen your core, relieve back pain, and for kids.

The Outlaw Yoga channel is my favorite. This ragtag group of teachers encompasses cheeky humor, tattoos, and an accepting atmosphere that emphasizes yoga is for everyone and every body.

The yoga practice itself is based on power yoga, so expect to work up a hearty sweat with every class you take on this channel.

YogaDownload Packages and Programs

These programs consist of hand-chosen classes that help you meet certain goals and advance your practice. It’s important to note that these programs are included in your membership if you have the Monthly Elite subscription ($18/month), and they’re 50 percent off if you have the Monthly Premier package ($10/month).

I ran through the Beginner’s Journey program since a lot of you reading this are probably just getting into yoga. The program includes 14 classes that total 13.5 hours of practice.

yogadownload packages1

Also included is an instructional PDF guide that outlines every class and tells you what order to do them in. The program will take you from being a complete newbie to confidently performing the core yoga poses.

If you’re one of my readers that has a few years of yoga under your belt, I highly recommend doing the HardCORE program.

yogadownload hardcore

This is a really intense program, so I’d recommend being in pretty good shape before you give this a shot. It’s a four week program comprised of weight training and cardio yoga classes to help you build plenty of muscle tone and improve your endurance.

Every class is different so you won’t be bored. Included in the program are 15 HardCORE yoga classes and four bonus classes to use on your scheduled off days or to add to the 15 workouts.

Download the PDF guide for a description of each class and a calendar to show you what your workouts are for that day.

The packages and workshops are less intense than the programs and typically include four to nine classes. Each workshop has its own focus; I chose the arm balancing workshop to review. I got six classes 20 to 30 minutes in length.

Each class breaks down the anatomy of the peak pose and details the a you should work on mastering in order to get into particular arm balances. These workshops give you the tools to incorporate into your daily practice in order to achieve certain arm balances.

yogadownload workshops

If you’re new to arm balancing, this is an excellent workshop! Sometimes it isn’t the pose that’s hard; it’s simply lacking the strength to get into the asana.

For my pregnant friends, the Prenatal Yoga Package consists of eight classes that are safe to do at any point in your pregnancy. It also includes a prenatal meditation class, perfect for those days when hormones have the best of you and you just need some clarity.

yogadownload prenatal

The classes vary in intensity; there are soothing stretches and powerful vinyasa classes. In total, the package includes 11 yoga classes, three slideshow classes, four audio classes with accompanying PDF guides, and the guided prenatal meditation. This is over 15 hours of yoga!


You don’t always think of yoga and music together, but if you’ve ever taken a class with some killer music, you’ll see that music can be just as vital to yoga as it is to a sport like running.

Browse through thousands of albums and songs from independent artists to well-known musicians. If you’re looking for some music to add to your home practice, you are able to browse playlists from yoga teachers around the world.


Stream your yoga classes from almost any device you own. The site is accessible from your PC or Mac, of course, and the company recommends using Internet Explorer on PCs and Safari from Apple devices.

I use Google Chrome for all of my browsing, and I didn’t have any difficulties with streaming or accessing the content. Use your iPhone or Android phones for on-the-go streaming.

As I mentioned before, there’s an app, but so far it only streams the free 20-minute classes.

Streaming devices that have Google TV support YogaDownload. I like using the TV for classes because I can see exactly what’s going on. If you like to borrow your kids’ gaming consoles, PS3, XBox, and the Wii U are compatible with

The site streams the best when you have high-speed internet. I have broadband and I’ve never had any issues with download or streaming speed/quality.

What Others Think of YogaDownload

Yes, I still care what other people think, and you should, too, when it’s your hard-earned money being spent!

"Yoga Download has been a wonderful compliment to our nomadic and busy lifestyle. Even when we’re not on the road traveling, it was great to have downloaded classes on our devices. I would recommend this site to anyone and everyone."

Anne Rapp

"I think this site is great for people who want to try yoga without committing to the prices of a studio they may not even like."



Here’s a quick breakdown of your alternative online yoga class sites.


If you’re on the hunt for a subscription service to address all your health and fitness needs, look no further than Grokker.

Grokker’s defining characteristic is variety! From yoga to weight training, they have one of the broadest libraries of fitness videos available; but it doesn’t stop there.

Your Grokker membership gives you access to an extensive library of videos including yoga and other fitness courses, along with guided meditations and even cooking classes!

With a free 14-day trial, and only $14.99/month afterwards, you are definitely getting the bang for your buck.

Additionally, if you sign up for the annual subscription your monthly fee drops to a mere $9.99.

Their unique social platform allows you to personalize your profile and communicate with other members. Head to the Q&A cafe to help answer questions, or ask some of your own.

Follow your favorite teachers, keep up-to-date on your topics of interest and read blogs from experts all in one place.

Still not convinced? Read our complete review here.


YogaGlo is the most popular of these types of sites. They’re all filmed in one studio, creating a consistent filming process. The teachers are incredibly well-known, and I love getting to practice with “famous” yogis.

You’ll exponentially deepen, expand, and advance your practice with all of YogaGlo’s offerings. Whether you need a quick five minute meditation or a 90-minute yin class, YogaGlo has every kind of yoga class imaginable.

  • YogaGlo is a bit more expensive than YogaDownload. YogaDownload is $10 or $18 a month depending on the membership option you choose. YogaGlo is $18 a month. However, you get to download and keep classes from YogaDownload; YogaGlo doesn’t offer this.
  • YogaDownload has pretty great workshops and programs that are included in the cost of your $18 membership. If you love challenges, you’ll really love this aspect.
  • YogaGlo has an Apple and Android app that allows you to pre-download (but not own) a set amount of classes in case you want to practice without internet service.


MyYogaWorks was founded by the brick-and-mortar studio, Yoga Works. Yoga Works has been around since the 80s and is famous for turning out some incredible yoga teachers.

Their experience in the yoga world revealed not everyone could afford a membership to a yoga studio, so they made their brand of yoga accessible. If you can’t make it to California to practice with these esteemed teachers, take their classes online!

  • There’s only one type of yoga on MyYogaWorks and it’s mostly vinyasa flow with a hint of Ashtanga. If you’re looking for classes like Bikram or Iyengar, this isn’t the site for you.
  • If you find yourself battling poor alignment (a common problem in exclusive home practices), there are short (less than five minutes) videos that detail the most common mistakes made in a lot of yoga poses.
  • Do you like challenges/workshops? The Journey Series hosts a series of workshops designed to challenge your body and refresh your practice. These are included in your monthly membership fee.

YogaDownload is a wonderful solution if you work long hours, have a busy family, or you’re on the road a lot. Having your yoga practice on all of your devices really cuts down on the excuses you come up with to skip your practice!

Regardless of your specific reason for needing a service like YogaDownload, being able to practice anywhere with or without internet service is so convenient that it’s totally worth the small cost every month.

And here is our final verdict of this YogaDownload review:​

Final Verdict

Quality Rating:

Yogadownload is a great service for everyone who is looking for online yoga classes. The option to download classes makes it especially useful for those who want to practice yoga in places lacking a fast internet connection.

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