Liforme Yoga mat

Liforme Yoga Mat Review

Looking for a premium yoga mat? You have found it in the Liforme Yoga Mat. Let’s take a closer look… Quick Summary Liforme is an expensive yoga mat but worth the hefty price tag. There are cheaper options that you may consider such as . ​Liforme claims to be a cushioned and eco-friendly yoga mat … Read more >>

aeromat yoga mat review

Aeromat Yoga Mat Review

We all get stressed when it comes to work. Day in and day out, we get up and truck off to our jobs so we can pay the bills, take care of ourselves or our family (if we have children), and maybe have a bit of spending money on the side to indulge ourselves every … Read more >>

best yoga shorts for men

Best Yoga Shorts for Men

Women aren’t lacking for functional and fashionable yoga clothes, but men definitely get the short end of the stick when it comes to yoga clothes that are still functional for a class without looking like a pair of underwear. I know I’ve gone to my share of yoga classes wearing basketball shorts, and I spent a … Read more >>

yoga dvd for kids

Best Yoga DVD for Kids – Playful Videos for our little Yogis

Kids benefit just as much as adults when they practice yoga regularly, and more schools across the country are starting to integrate yoga into students’ daily routines. When kids do yoga, they increase their confidence, manage their stress, and improve their ability to focus. Consider adding yoga into your child’s routine with a kids yoga DVD. The best … Read more >>